About Me

I get excited about the intersection of science and real world problems.

I’m a scientific nomad, having worked in basic neuroscience at York University, psychiatry at CAMH, radiology with Imagia, finance with the CDPQ, applied machine learning research with Mila, and user engagement with Google.

As I learn more about science, find myself compelled to explore new fields and build bridges between disciplines. For me, science is only a piece of the puzzle, and I’m facinated by all of the steps required to bring a prototype into production. You can see the scope of my work on Google Scholar or Linkedin, or check out my resume.

Long term, I’m most interested in use of AI to power new biomedical breakthroughs, and to discover new technologies to fight climate change. But I inevitably find myself working on other projects that interest me along the way.

I’m also an amateur photographer and musician, and I’ve peppered some of my work throughout the site. You can check out my Instagram and Soundcloud for more.

I’d love to connect (Twitter/ Facebook) if you’re working on something new!

Self Portrait